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Invisible Dog Fences

What are Invisible Dog Fences?

An electronic dog fence, sometimes also referred to as an invisible dog fence is a copper wire boundary fence that is placed underground.

This creates an electrically charged boundary that keeps your pet within the confines of your property without the need for a physical fence. Your pet is connected to the Invisible dog fence by a collar it wears around its neck.

How the Electronic collar dog fence works may vary between each fence system, the StayFence Pet Containment System pictured here works by first issuing the dog with an auditory warning when the dog nears the boundary, The pet containment system will issue 3 levels of mild correction, which intensify slightly as the dog nears the boundary. There are several options of pet containment available, check out our which dog fence is best for your dog article.  

We go into more detail on how the Invisible fence systems work can be found below. 

What are Electric Dog Fence -comp

How does an Invisible Dog Fence System work?

Most underground invisible dog fences work in the same way, however, the efficiency, reliability and exact functionality between systems can vary. In all of these systems, the transmitter uses the buried loop of wire to broadcast a radio signal. The buried wire acts as an antenna and turns the signal into electromagnetic waves.

The transmitter only uses a small amount of power, This means that the signal produced by the boundary wire will only have a short range of a few meters at most. In some systems, the copper boundary wire has two signals running through it, one at higher power and the other low power. In these Invisible dog fence systems, the dogs’ receiver collar can detect different distances from the boundary wire to provide different levels of correction.


Inside the collar is a small radio receiver. When the dog gets close enough to the buried boundary wire, the radio receiver in the collar receives the signal that the wire transmits. The radio then triggers a correction so the dog knows it is nearing the boundary.

The underground boundary wire installed around the perimeter of your property loops back to the transmitter that you have plugged in a safe, dry location. See the sample layouts from the StayFence installation manual for an example of this looping below. The transmitter controls determine how wide the electric field is from the installed wire.

Why you should use an invisible fence system

An invisible dog fence is great solution for a number of reasons. First and foremost it will keep your pet safe on your property and out of the traffic on the road. This is not only potentially fatal for your dog but could be dangerous for road users also. Your pets are members of the family but your neighbours might not have the same level of affection for your pets – using an invisible dog fence will keep your pet on your property and prevent your dog from becoming an annoyance to your neighbours. Free-roaming dogs are involved in more road traffic accidents, have fewer aggressive interactions with other dogs, have a reduced risk of exposure to contagious disease and are less available to pet thieves.


Benefits of an invisible fence system

  • Far cheaper than traditional fencing
  • Easily adapted to your property boundary
  • Invisible Dog Fences are invisible
  • Convenience
  • Reliability
  • Decreased Human Error – People forget to close the gate
  • Added Protection from your property

Which electric dog fence is best for your dog

Every dog is different and knowing which dog fence is best for your dog will depend on a number of factors. 

For instance, the best electronic dog fence for a large dogs will be very different from the best dog fence for small dogs. Wireless dog fences could be a better fit for you or dog runs might work best for you and your dog.

 Check out our which dog fence is best for your dog article for more help with this, or get in touch. Our experts are happy to help. 


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