About us

About StayFence

StayFence was founded by John Power a specialist in Pet Containment systems with over 30 years of industry knowledge. 

Based in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford we produce high quality, reliable pet containment systems.

Our sole focus is on Pet Containment

At StayFence we are striving to make pet containment systems better and more reliable.

Having a better built and more reliable pet containment system protects your pet by ensuring that they are safe on your property away from nearby traffic, other properties and animals.

At StayFence we pride ourselves not just on our superior products, but in our superior service as well.

StayFence is leading the way in innovation.

StayFence is leading the way in innovation. The world is becoming a more connected place and autonomous systems becoming the norm, with this in mind we have developed a world-first by making our pet containment system fully compatible with robotic lawnmowers ensuring that your pet’s safety is future-proofed.