Best electronic dog fence for large dogs

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What to consider when you are looking for a dog fence for a large dog

When you decide to secure your property to keep your large dog safe and secure you will have to consider a few key criteria when deciding what type of dog fence to get. 

As you are probably aware fencing the entire perimeter of your property regardless of the size can run into thousands very quickly, an Electronic dog fence or Dog run is far more cost-effective, and far less labour intensive than installing a traditional fence or wall.

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Electronic Dog Fences

An electronic dog fence, sometimes also referred to as an invisible fence is a copper wire boundary fence that is placed underground, a couple of inches below the surface.

This creates an electrically charged boundary that keeps your pet within the confines of your property without the need for a physical fence. Your pet is connected to the electronic dog fence by a collar it wears around its neck.

How the Electronic collar dog fence works may vary between each fence system, the StayFence Pet Containment System for example, works by first issuing the dog with an auditory warning when the dog nears the boundary, The pet containment system will issue 3 levels of mild correction, which intensify slightly as the dog nears the boundary. There are several options of pet containment available, check out all available Fence systems here.

You can read more on electronic dog fences, and how they work here. Below are our top picks for Electronic Dog Fences.


Best electronic dog fence for large dogs:
StayFence Pet Containment System


The StayFence Pet Containment System is an Irish made pet safety system that keeps your pet on your property in a safe and reliable way. We love this product because of the quality, reliability, fantastic accessories and easier than most set up process. 

Some more key features below.  

Every dog is different and knowing which dog fence is best for your dog will depend on a number of factors. 

For instance, the best dog fence for a large dog like we explain here could be different for the best dog fence for small dogs. Wireless dog fences could be a better fit for you or dog runs might work best for you and your dog.

 Check out our which dog fence is best for your dog article for more help with this, or get in touch. Our experts are happy to help. 

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