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Installation Manual

The entire process is divided into nine easy-to-follow steps.

We have taken every measure to ensure the installation of your StayFence Pet Containment System goes as smoothly as possible.

For extra assistance you can read the full manual of the Original StayFence Containment System and the full manual of the Super and Micro StayFence Containment Systems or watch the StayFence installation video.

Step 1

Locate the StayFence transmitter.

Step 2

Choosing a layout.

Step 3

Installing the StayFence boundary wire.

Step 4

Prepare the StayFence receiver collar.

Step 5

Connecting the boundary wire to the StayFence transmitter.

Step 6

Setting the warning & correction zones on your transmitter.

Step 7

Repairing and adding additional wire.

Step 8

Check that your StayFence system is setup and working.

Step 9

Fit the StayFence receiver collar.

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