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5 Steps to Choosing the Best Electronic Pet Containment System

Have you been struggling to find the best way to contain your pet? 

Do you have an outdoor pet that’s been escaping time and time again? 

Electronic Pet containment systems are the perfect solution for people who want to keep their pets at home, safe, and sound. 

On this page, we will guide you through the process of choosing an electronic pet containment system.

1) Pet Containment Considerations

Installing a pet containment system in your garden can seem like an overwhelming project, but by taking some time to consider what you need and want, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and find one that’s perfect for your home.

Pet containment systems that use radio signals and mild static correction to warn your pet when they are near the perimeter of your property. The type of fence you choose depends on a few key factors such as: 

  • Size of your garden or pet containment area
  • The size of your dog or pet
  • Your budget

Firstly, the size of your garden or pet containment area can affect your choice of system as each fence kit may come with differing ranges, or quantities of copper wire, in most cases, wired systems can be extended by buying additional copper wire. Next, you will need to consider the size of your pet, large dogs or pets will need greater stimulation than smaller pets. 

micro fence

Petsafe Micro Fence. Ideal for small dogs or cats.

stayfence box head on

StayFence pet containment system. great for all sizes of dogs


Petsafe for large and stubborn dogs.

Lastly, but not an unimportant factor is budget. Price ranges vary widely for a number of reasons and you will need to decide for yourself what you can afford and what makes financial sense for you and your pet. Even the most expensive Electronic pet containment systems are far more affordable than traditional fences and are the most cost-effective way of keeping your pet safe. 

2) How Do Electric Fences Work?

An electronic dog fence, sometimes also referred to as an invisible fence is a copper wire boundary fence that’s usually placed underground, a couple of inches below the surface.

This creates an electrically charged boundary that keeps your pet within the confines of your property without the need for a physical fence. Your pet is connected to the electronic dog fence by a collar it wears around its neck. You can read more about the process and how electronic dog fences work on the article listed below. 


3) What To Look For In An Electric Fence

Before deciding on which electronic pet containment system to buy, there are some things that potential buyers should take into consideration. First, they must determine their budget; what kind of space will be surrounded by the fence? Will all outdoor spaces require protection? These questions will help determine how much wire is needed. In addition to checking reviews, you can view all of Stayfences reviews here, it is also important that you look for different features in an electric fence. This includes determining how far away from your property line you want to include. 

dog and woman-comp

4) What Are Radio Fences?

Radio fences are used by some pet owners and kennels as an alternative way of containing pets. A radio fence consists of a transmitter box that generates a radio signal that travels along the copper wire, which acts as an antenna, and a receiver collar that the dog wears that activates once in range of the radio signal. 

5) Other Considerations When Selecting an Electric Fence

There are many things you should take into consideration when choosing your electric fence. For example, most fences come with some kind of guarantee. Do they have a good warranty? Anything over a 3-year warranty is excellent . There is more information about these on their website or in your pet containment system manual. Also, does it have an indicator that alerts you if there is an issue with power? It is important that if anything goes wrong, it notifies you so you can fix it before it escalates.

Where to find the best pet containment options

The Stayfence website was built specifically with pet containment in mind, and as you might expect it has a wide range of pet containment options. You can view the full pet containment range here.