StayFence Original Pet Containment System

StayFence Original Pet Containment System

Suitable for all dogs but best suited for Medium – Large Dogs

Works with Auto Mowers
3 levels of stimulation including progressive correction technology


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How the Stayfence Pet Containment system works.

The transmitter generates a radio signal which is then sent around the boundary wire. You can then determine the warning and correction zone distances that you need (recommended 2 metre and 1.5 metre respectively). The dog wears the receiver collar. As the dog approaches the warning zone a tone to alerts him to his proximity to the boundary. Should he continue advancing a static correction will be issued to deter him further. The intensity of this correction will increase automatically if he persists.

Once trained to the system over the course of a few days, your dog will learn his boundaries and he will safe at home while enjoying the freedom of the whole garden

What's Included?

How to Install Your StayFence Pet Containment System

We have taken every measure to ensure the installation of your StayFence Pet Containment System goes as smoothly as possible. 

The entire process is divided into nine easy-to-follow steps. You can download the full installation guide here or watch the StayFence installation video shown below.